Información Técnica

1. El Aeropuerto
Airport operator: La Romana International Airport, Casa de Campo, operated by Airport Management Service, Ltd.
Airport General Manager: 809-813-9000 Ext. 222
Airport icao code: MDLR
Airport iata code: LRM
Operating Hours: 24/7
Airport Category Code: 4E
Airport Arff Code: Category 8 (ICAO Annex 14)
Runways: 11-29
Runway Center Coordinates: Latitude: 18° 27´03´´ Longitude: 68° 54´43´´ Elevation: 70 m.
Runway Length: 2950 meters
Runway Width: 45 meters
Taxiways: A-1 Width: 23 m
A-2 Width: 23 m
Ramp Capacity: 6 Positions (mix of jumbo/wide/narrow body acft).
Commercial Ramp Size: Concrete Length 115 Meters Width 400 Meters
Types Of Aircraft: A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, ATR-42, B717, B727, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC-8, DC10, L1011, MD-11 and MD80 series.
Aircraft Fuel Service: ExxonMobil, 5 Fuel Trucks
Aircraft Fuel Type: Av-jet-A1, Avgas 100
Fuel Storage: Jet A1: 252,000 gal Avgas 100/130: 10,000 gal.
Aircraft Apron Services: Swissport Dominicana, full service aircraft parking and ground support equipment, stair trucks, push-back vehicles, tow bars, tugs, baggage belt loaders, containers and dollies, power carts, aircraft cleaning etc.
Aircraft Catering Service: Caribbean Catering Service (CCS) for all international and Casa de Campo for corporate aircraft.
Aircraft Waste Disposal: On-airport incinerator and waste disposal (Swissport)
Airport Terminal Building: Departure terminal
(US$20 departure tax)
Terminal, departure gates 1,2,3,4;
24 ticket-counter positions with RESA-CREWS passenger processing system and printers;
Airport and Airlines offices;
Security and Immigration offices;
3 Departure Immigration counter positions;
1 Security Check Points;
Four departure gates;
VIP Departure Lounge;
Food court;
Concessions; Duty Free ShopArrival Terminal:
Tourist card counter (US$10);
08 arrival immigration counter positions;
Agriculture and government inspection offices;
First Aid Station;
2 arrival baggage belts;
Airline baggage Claim;
Baggage carts and baggage service assistance;
Customs Inspection Stations;
Taxi service, bus service, rental car service, food and beverage service, and information
Airport General Aviation: Private Aviation
Located west of the commercial terminal. Staffed by airport operations personnel, the private aviation provides all standard general aviation and executive jet services.Domestic Aviation
Located west of private aviation, The domestic aviation serves national charter and general aviation, national charter flights are available on a daily basis for in-country destinations.
Vor/Dme Frequency: 116.20 MHz
Control Tower Frequency: 118.6 (Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil (IDAC)
Emergency Frequency: 121.5
Ground Control Frequency: 121.6
Airport Apron Coordination:
Gps/Rnav N/A.
Restrictions: N/A.
PAPI: Right hand traffic pattern
Approach Lights: Runway 11 at 18°27´14.61´´N 68 51´17.89´´W 223 feet degrees
MALS, Rwy 11 only
Runway Lights: High intensity Runway Light
Taxiway Lights: High intensity Taxiway Light
Rotation Beacon: Green and White, Located on the top the ATC tower.
Wind Cones: 1 lighted Rwy 11
Airfield Makings:
ICAO standards; Non-precision runway
Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR): N/A
Doppler Weather Radar: N/A
Meteorological Services: Provided by Dominican Office of Meteorological Services (ONAMET) available 24/7, located on the first floor of the Control tower complex.
Other Comments: ATC-provided progressive taxi service on request. ATC controllers speak English and Spanish. Flight planning and NOTAMS are available on first floor of Control Tower. Aircraft parking positions are controlled and assigned by airport operations. Airport and private aviation are open 24/7.

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